Who We Are

Meals on Wheels of Bennington County, Vermont, a 501(c)3, offers healthy, nutritious and tasty meals to eligible seniors over 60 years old, and to disabled adults under age 60. Hot meals are delivered to seniors in their homes or served at our meal sites, located throughout the county.

We serve Home-Delivered and Community Meals to adults over 60 and the disabled throughout Bennington County. Most meals programs use pre-made, processed foods. We offer fresh, delicious homestyle meals made from scratch. Our delicious meals make use of donated foods from local farmers and the Vermont Foodbank to provide a higher quality of meal to our recipients and maintain low food costs. Donated foods defrayed our food costs by $80,000 – over half of our food budget.

Bennington County Meals on Wheels provides more than 50,000 healthy meals to over 1000 Bennington County residents. Seventy five percent of our meals are delivered to home-bound Seniors.

We also offer hot delicious meals in our Bennington Cafe and in the Community Meal Sites throughout the county, places where Seniors can gather. Our healthy meals exceed 1/3 the recommended daily nutritional allowance, and 3 servings of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, our meals are low fat. The Bennington Cafe offers a choice of entrees, and is available without a reservation at lunchtime 5 days a week.The restaurant-like environment has become a popular place for Seniors to gather for an affordable nutritious meal and companionship. Other Meal Sites offer the meal on the monthly menu. For adults under 60, the fee for the meal is $4.50.

Our meals are partially funded by the Southwestern Vermont Council on Aging and Vermont Center for Independent Living. Clients over 60 are asked to donate $4 per meal. Most are unable to contribute, and the average donation by clients is just .86¢.  We need the support of the community to maintain this vital service. Our pioneering project launched with the Southwestern Vermont Medical Center has reduced their readmission rate from 8% to 2%. This Good Food Good Health Grant, funded by The Vermont Community Foundation, offers patients leaving the hospital a series of MOW meals when they return home. In its second year of operation has successfully reduced 30 day readmission rates. Medicare penalizes hospitals for readmissions within a certain timeframe. The Good Food Good Health Grant will become a model program for the state.